Visiting Ajuy in South Fuerteventura

Ajuy is a very small town, actually just a fishing village, on the west coast of Fuerteventura, about 10km from Pajara. It is fairly remote, but also quite popular with tourists, mostly as a day trip. Accommodation options are quite limited in Ajuy, although you can find a few good places.

How to Get to Ajuy

You can get to Ajuy by car from Pajara. Take road FV-605 towards La Pared, but shortly (less than 1km) after leaving Pajara turn right. The road number is FV-621 and it is a fairly small road. You will pass the village of Mesquez after about 2-3km. The entire route from Pajara to Ajuy is a little over 10km (but it will take longer than it would seem from the distance alone).

If you are coming from Jandia (Costa Calma and beyond), the shorter way is directly via La Pared, taking road FV-605 from the other side. You will be turning right about 1km before Pajara.

If you don’t have a car, it will be hard to get to Ajuy. There are bus services to Pajara from either the south (Morro Jable and Jandia) or Puerto del Rosario (via Tuineje/Gran Tarajal), but even these are not that frequent. There is no service from Pajara to Ajuy and it is quite long to walk.

Cuevas de Ajuy (Caves)

Ajuy is best known for its caves (Cuevas de Ajuy) and beautiful wild coast. The walk to the caves (along the coast) is quite short, although taking the terrain and the hot weather into consideration, may not be easy for everyone. It starts at the north end of Ajuy beach, where you will ascend on the rocks – the path is fairly obvious.

It is not just the caves themselves, but also the views of the coast which you can ejoy on the way there. Just be careful and don’t get too close to any edges.

It is actually possible to enter some of the caves, although the access may be difficult in some places. Also don’t forget to mind your head at all times. Once inside, enjoy the views from the “windows” to the sea and the surrounding coast.

Playa de Ajuy (Beach)

The beach in Ajuy (Playa de Ajuy) is relatively small (about 300 metres long) and has black sand. There is a car park directly on the beach.

Restaurants in Ajuy

There are a few good restaurants in Ajuy with great seafood and nice views of the beach and the surrounding coast. To be honest, there are not big differences between them and your choice will probably depend on your own tastes and preferences. And also on which one will have free places when you come, because all of them can be packed at the busy times.

All Ajuy restaurants are targeting mainly tourists, for obvious reasons. All of them also focus on seafood (also for obvious reasons). If you like fish, your best bet will usually be the “fish of the day” (pescado del dia), typically served with Canarian potatoes.

The particular Ajuy restaurants include the following:

  • Restaurante Cuevas de Ajuy in Calle Gallegada, facing the north end of the beach
  • La Jaula de Oro Bar Ristorante in Avenida de los Barqueros, also facing the north end of the beach
  • Restaurante Puerto de la Peña, Casa Pepin at the corner of Calle Puerto Azul and Calle Marinero, one block from the beach, but with equally wonderful views

To be honest, don’t worry about the street names, because Ajuy is really small and you can walk from one restaurant to all the others in 1-2 minutes. It is impossible to get lost in Ajuy.

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