Where to Stay in Fuerteventura

If you want to come to Fuerteventura and are wondering which area or which resort is the best to stay, this page will try to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of different places, and things to consider when making the decision.

Tourist Areas and Resorts in Fuerteventura

There are three major tourist areas in Fuerteventura:

The North

Biggest resort is Corralejo, popular particularly with British visitors. Main attraction is the very long (9km) and wide (2-3km) Corralejo Natural Park, which is basically one big beach with adjacent sand dunes where you can take walks. Other possible trips include a short ferry ride to Isla de Lobos (a small island with natural park where you can also walk) or even Lanzarote (25 minutes from Corralejo).

The second most popular resort in the north is El Cotillo, originally a sort of small alternative place, popular with surfers and the “cool” people, or those looking mainly for solitude, but it seems to be getting bigger and more mainstream in the recent years. It is still much smaller than Corralejo and lacks its infrastructure, but offers great beaches in both directions. It is also one of only few resorts on Fuerteventura’s wilder west coast.

The Middle

Biggest resort is Caleta de Fuste. Probably the least “fuerte” of the three areas (no ultra long beaches here), but best place for families with smaller children. Besides Corralejo it is the best resort in terms of tourist services, attractions, restaurants and nightlife. If you have been to Tenerife, it feels to me similar in character to Los Cristianos or Adeje in South Tenerife. A big tourist place with all the services you need, but nothing too Fuerteventura-specific.

Between Caleta de Fuste and the airport there is another tourist town, or twin towns, named Costa de Antigua and Nuevo Horizonte. Although the hotels here are often a bit cheaper, I wouldn’t recommend these resorts, as they don’t have that much of a beach or things to offer on their own besides being an accommodation district for Caleta (they are often advertised as being part of Caleta, but the walk there takes 15-20 minutes). One exception is when you rent a car and want to explore various places all over the island – I’ve stayed in Nuevo Horizonte for a few nights and it’s perfect for this purpose due to its location in the middle of the east coast (you basically only spend the nights there).

The South (Jandia Peninsula)

Jandia has even longer beaches than the one near Corralejo. You can basically walk in the sand 20+ km uninterrupted. Biggest resorts are Costa Calma (north end), Morro Jable (south-west end) and Esquinzo (between the two, closer to Morro Jable). There are several interesting places to visit as a day or half day trip, such as the lighthouse at Punta Jandia (the southwesternmost tip of Fuerteventura), the island’s highest mountain (Pico de la Zarza / Pico de Jandia, 807m), or the wild and deserted northwest coast.

The south of Fuerteventura is more popular with German speaking tourists. Compared to Corralejo or Caleta, the resorts seem to be a bit quieter, have fewer restaurants and tourist services. Basically it’s a good choice if you are coming primarily for the beach, want to avoid the crowds, perhaps take some walks, and don’t care that much about the usual mass tourism things.

Which Area Is the Best to Stay?

Of course, there is no single place which is perfect for everything and everyone, so it’s good to know who you are, why you are coming to Fuerteventura and what your main priorities are.

Try to answer the following questions for yourself – it will help you make the right decision.

For Families with Children

Are you a family with small(ish) children? If yes, look at Caleta del Fuste – by far the best place for families. I would list Corralejo second, but really Caleta wins here – on infrastructure, attractions, family friendly beaches. Not least, out of the major resorts it is the closest to the airport, so you save yourself and your kids from a lengthy bus ride.

For The Best Beaches

Are you coming mainly for the endless gold sand beaches which you’ve seen in the photos? They are not everywhere – mainly in two locations: near Corralejo in the north and on Jandia peninsula (resorts Costa Calma, Esquinzo, Morro Jable). Conversely, the above mentioned Caleta del Fuste is not good for this – not that its beaches are bad, but nothing that special, far too small and too developed (by fuerte terms).

For Walking and Hiking

Do you like walking / hiking? The best area is Jandia peninsula (Costa Calma or Morro Jable), where you can walk on the long beaches, in the Jandia mountain range or on the Pared Isthmus. Second best is the dunes near Corralejo (I only give preference to Jandia due to its wider walking choices and generally larger area / fewer people).

For Naturists

Are you a naturist? Generally most of Fuerteventura is naturist-friendly. There are no beaches designated exclusively to naturists, but it is common for naturists and non-naturists to mix. Only exceptions where naturism is generally not that well received is the area around the island’s capital Puerto del Rosario and also Caleta de Fuste, which is more targeted at families. Conversely, the best areas for naturists are the long beach south of Corralejo, the beaches and lagoons around El Cotillo, and virtually anywhere on Jandia peninsula.

Good Base for Exploring the Whole Island

Do you want to stay in your town all the time, or do you also want to explore other parts of the island? If the latter, are you planning to rent a car, take a regular local bus, or a package day trip offered by your hotel? If you want to find a good base for exploring various places around the island, consider staying somewhere near the middle (like Caleta de Fuste), because the drive from Fuerteventura’s north end (Corralejo) to south (Jandia), or back, is quite long.

To sum up:

  • Families – Caleta de Fuste
  • Nightlife, infrastructure – Corralejo, Caleta de Fuste
  • Solitude, walking, long beaches – Jandia, Corralejo
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