Fuerteventura Sunrise and Sunset Times

Compared to the UK and continental Europe, the days in Fuerteventura are longer in winter and shorter in summer. The differences throughout the year are smaller due to smaller latitude (about 28 N). Canary Islands have the same timezone as the UK and are one hour behind mainland Spain and continental Europe. They observe Daylight Saving Time, with the same start and end dates as the UK and continental Europe.

Because of its location far in the west (for its timezone), both sunrise and sunset may come at slightly later times than what you would expect to be “normal”. This is actually quite pleasant, unless you like to get up very early (before 7am), because it means you can enjoy more daylight in the evening.

Approximate Sunrise and Sunset Times

The following are approximate sunrise and sunset times in Fuerteventura by time of year.

Mid January – sunrise 7:50, sunset 18:23

Mid February – sunrise 7:36, sunset 18:46

Mid March (before DST start) – sunrise 7:05, sunset 19:06

Late March / early April (after DST start) – sunrise 7:52, sunset 20:12

Mid April (DST) – sunrise 7:31, sunset 20:22

Mid May (DST) – sunrise 7:06, sunset 20:41

Mid to late June (DST; the longest days) – sunrise 7:01, sunset 20:56

Mid July (DST) – sunrise 7:11, sunset 20:55

Mid August (DST) – sunrise 7:27, sunset 20:35

Mid September (DST) – sunrise 7:42, sunset 20:01

Mid October (before DST end) – sunrise 7:58, sunset 19:26

Late October / early November (after DST end) – sunrise 7:07, sunset 18:13

Mid November – sunrise 7:19, sunset 18:04

Mid to late December (the shortest days) – sunrise 7:42, sunset 18:05

Because Fuerteventura is quite large, the exact times will differ by a few minutes, depending on where you are on the island. In general, Jandia and the south-west of Fuerteventura will have slightly later sunsets than the central and northern parts. The exact times may also differ year by year by a minute or two.

More Precise Sunrise and Sunset Times

Exact sunrise and sunset times for a given date, as well as times of twilight and solar noon, are available for Las Palmas on the Time and Date website:


The difference in longitude compared to Las Palmas is about 1 degree in Jandia (which corresponds to approximately 4 minutes of time difference, with Fuerteventura ahead of Gran Canaria) and about 1.5 degrees (6 minutes) in the central (Caleta de Fuste, Puerto del Rosario) and northern (Corralejo, Cotillo) parts. Longitude is approximately the same as Las Palmas down in Morro Jable, but slightly higher in the north. However, for the needs of most people, the sunrise and sunset time differences versus Las Palmas are negligible and you can rely on the data for Las Palmas (perhaps subtract 5 minutes).

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