Vysočanská Metro Station

Vysočanská is a metro station on line B (yellow line), on the way from the city centre to Černý Most, 5 stops from Florenc. It is located in and named after Vysočanská Street and Vysočany district. Neighbouring stations on metro line B are Českomoravská and Kolbenova. Vysočanská is the first stop on the relatively newer section of line B (opened in 1998).

Metro Service at Vysočanská

The metro operates daily from early morning (about 5 am) to midnight. Intervals between trains on line B range from 2-3 minutes in peak times to about 10 minutes late in the evening and on weekends. However, some trains terminate at Českomoravská (the old terminus) and don’t go to Vysočanská and beyond.

Travel time by metro from Vysočanská to the city centre is about 10 minutes.

Other Public Transport Services at Vysočanská

The station is a big public transport hub, especially for local and regional buses. There is also a tram stop at Vysočanská, although all the trams go parallel to the metro here (take the metro, unless your trip is very short).

The four main directions of surface traffic from Vysočanská are:

  • West (Sokolovská Street; to Palmovka and the city centre; approximately parallel to the metro)
  • South (Freyova Street; to Harfa, Libeň, and Žižkov)
  • East (Kolbenova Street; to Hloubětín, Lehovec, and Černý Most; approximately parallel to the metro)
  • North (Vysočanská Street; uphill to Prosek; regional buses to Kbely and Brandýs nad Labem/Stará Boleslav)

There are also two train stations near Vysočanská metro station:

  • Praha-Vysočany train station on the railway from Prague to Lysá nad Labem, Nymburk and Hradec Králové.
  • Praha-Libeň train station on the main railway corridor from Prague to Pardubice, Brno, Olomouc, and Ostrava. Many express trains stop here. It is one bus stop or 10-12 minutes walk to the south from Vysočanská.

Hotels near Vysočanská Station

There are several good hotels near Vysočanská station, including a few immediately next to the entrance.

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