Where to Stay in Marrakech

This page is a guide to the best places to stay in Marrakech.

Best Areas to Stay in Marrakech

If you are looking for the right atmosphere when in Marrakech, you will probably prefer a traditional riad in the medina from a modern hotel in the newer parts of Marrakech. The Medina (old part of the city within the city walls) is huge in Marrakech. It has roughly an oval shape with diameter of 2-3 km. Most tourists spend most of their time in the area near the main square, Djemaa El Fna, and the adjacent Souks (the traditional markets). This area also has the highest concentration of hotels in Marrakech medina.

Best Areas within Marrakech Medina

Djemaa El Fna is really in the centre of everything in the medina. Most hotels are located in a stripe running approximately from Ben Youssef Madrassa in the north over the Souks and Djemaa El Fna down to the Kasbah area (Saadian Tombs and Bahia Palace) in the southern part of the medina.

For most people it doesn’t matter which of these places they choose to stay in, because the distances are not long (even when walking in the medina takes more time compared to walking in a modern city – the streets are narrow and there is always something or someone in the way). You can expect to get from Djemaa El Fna to either Ben Youssef Madrassa or Kasbah in about 10 minutes. If you have a specific place in mind, you can choose below (places are sorted from north to south – all of them are within the medina):

Marrakech Medina vs. Ville Nouvelle

Note that while a taxi or bus can take you to up to 50 metres from Djemaa El Fna, many places within Marrakech medina are not accessible by car (some places are though). While the medina offers unique atmosphere and style, some people prefer to stay in the Ville Nouvelle (Marrakech New City) for convenience reasons and walk to the medina every day. Hotels in Ville Nouvelle usually have all you are used to from modern hotels, including good access for all kinds of transport.

Ville Nouvelle Hotels near Marrakech Medina

Place du 16 Novembre and Avenue Mohamed V are good locations in the Ville Nouvelle close to Djemaa El Fna and the medina.

In both medina and Ville Nouvelle, it is recommended to book early, as tourist demand spikes several times during the year in Marrakech.

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