Invalidovna Metro Station

Invalidovna is a metro station on line B in Prague Karlín district. It is named after the nearby Invalidovna, a former dormitory for war veterans (like Les Invalides in Paris).

Invalidovna Metro Station Location

The metro station is situated in Sokolovská, which is the main street with trams stretching from Florenc to Palmovka and Vysočanská metro stations, all on line B. The metro goes parallel to this street and the stations on this section, ordered from city centre out, are Florenc, Křižíkova, Invalidovna and Palmovka. The entrance to Invalidovna station is between Za Invalidovnou and Nekvasilova streets. Besides from Sokolovská it is also accessible from the other side from Molákova Street.

Tram Services from Invalidovna

Tram services are very frequent here and on shorter distances tram may actually be faster than the metro, which is quite deep under the ground and the way to the platforms can be long.

In direction to city centre the trams take you from Invalidovna to Florenc and Náměstí Republiky. In the other direction you can get to Palmovka and further either to Libeň or Kobylisy.