Prague Bus Stations

There are several long-distance bus stations in Prague. This page provides a quick overview, with links to individual station pages with more details.

Prague Florenc Bus Station

The central bus station in Prague is Florenc (Autobusové nádraží Praha-Florenc). It is situated in the city centre, 10-15 minutes’ walk from Prague Old Town.

Almost all international buses go to Florenc station, including almost all Eurolines buses and also most Flixbus and international Regiojet buses. Also the majority of buses from Prague to Brno (Eurolines, Regiojet, ČSAD) depart from Florenc.

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Prague Na Knížecí Bus Station

Na Knížecí bus station is also relatively close to the city centre. It is located in the district of Smíchov, near Nový Smíchov shopping centre. The metro station is Anděl (line B, 3 stops from Wenceslas Square). Na Knížecí bus station serves mainly destinations in South Bohemia, including Strakonice, Písek, České Budějovice, and the popular tourist target Český Krumlov.

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Prague Želivského Bus Station

Želivského bus station is much smaller then the two above, but there are a few Eurolines buses to Poland (Wroclaw, Warsaw) and some buses to Brno departing from here. The station is on metro line A, 4 stops from Wenceslas Square.

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Prague Černý Most Bus Station

Černý Most (which means Black Bridge) is a district far away from the city centre in the north-eastern end of Prague. The station is the terminus of metro line B and a busy bus terminal, serving both long distance and regional buses to destinations in the north and north-east, including the cities Liberec and Hradec Králové, or Krkonoše mountains.

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Prague Zličín Bus Station

Zličín is the opposite end of metro line B. It is quite close to Prague International Airport and very close to the beginning of the D5 highway (to Plzeň and Germany). There are mostly regional buses at Zličín, plus a very frequent Regiojet service to Plzeň and one of Prague Airport buses (number 100).

See more about Zličín bus station.

Prague Roztyly Bus Station

Roztyly bus station is located in the south-east of Prague, near the beginning of the D1 highway to Brno. However, most buses to Brno depart from Florenc in these days. Roztyly bus station serves mainly destinations in South Bohemia, including Tábor and České Budějovice. The metro station is Roztyly, line C.

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